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About Us

The "2 women of baby proofing," serving Seattle and the surrounding area!

Safety for Toddlers of Kirkland, WA has been in business since 1991.  We have combined experiences in safety proofing of over 28 years.  Over the years we have been referred to as the “two women”!

Sherri Albert and Janis Grusz, having grown children  and grandchildren, learning from their own experiences, recognized the potential need to help new parents with suggestions of safely organizing their homes with the use of reliable safety products that really work.  We take pride in the individual concerns that we have over each and every little person that we visit.

Ken George, “The Original Safety for Toddlers”,  from Southern California trained Sherri and Janis.  Mr. George started his business in the late 70’s after seeing so many tragedies in homes through his service as a police officer.

Safety for Toddlers is the leading provider of child safety products and services in the greater Seattle area. We worked through the medical community and with postpartum parent groups to build a reliable service oriented business. We offer room by room consultations and give community service safety presentations for the Seattle-Eastside Metro area.

Members of International Association for Child Safety

Contact us for a room-by-room consultation appointment or to schedule a group presentation.

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