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The "2 women of baby proofing," serving Seattle and the surrounding area!

For 13 years Safety for Toddlers has been helping families create home environments that are safer for babies and toddlers. Innocent everyday settings take on a different hue when viewed in light of toddler safety. Becoming aware of possible dangers and taking steps to remedy them are key in preventing  baby and toddler accidents. 

Safety for Toddlers offers a room-by-room consultation in the greater Seattle-Eastside Metro area (including: South Snohomish, North Bend, Des Moines and Kent) for a nominal charge. Outside of the Seattle-Eastside Metro perimeter, we also have a fee for travel time. Consultation takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. 

Safety for Toddlers has worked over the years through the medical community and with postpartum parent groups to build a reliable service oriented business.   We give community service safety presentations around the Seattle-Eastside Metro area and have been interviewed on safety issues on local TV stations and in local newspapers.  Our parent safety presentations take about 30-45 minutes.


Safety for Toddlers have in stock all of the better quality products suggested on your room by room visit from us. We offer products from over two dozen manufacturers that can be purchased and installed yourself or for an additional fee have us install some or all of the safety products. Contact us for an appointment


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